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Plant Care Tips:

  • Choose your the site for your plant carefully: Read a plant’s tag carefully. This contains important information about its mature size as well as requirements for light, soil texture, and soil pH.
  • Plant during the spring and fall seasons: The best times to plant are in spring and fall, when excessive heat won’t stress a new plant. Dig a hole twice the height and width of the root ball to ensure plenty of room for growth.
  • Water with care: New plants should be watered regularly. Established plants may only need watering during times of drought.

Landscaping Southeastern Wisconsin since 1981

brick paver patio with firepit

Exteriors Unlimited Landscape Contractors, Inc. has installed and managed commercial and residential landscapes in southeastern Wisconsin since 1981. We are a fully staffed design/build corporation capable of installing and managing elegantly functional outdoor living spaces. With a corporate philosophy that emphasizes attention to detail, we continually strive to give the client competitive pricing and experienced commercial and residential bidding that leads to timely completion of projects. Our talented staff of Certified Landscape Architects, Horticulturists, Certified maintenance and landscape technicians take pride in making your experience with Exteriors Unlimited Landscape a positive and memorable one.

Mission Statement
It is Exteriors Unlimited Landscape Contractors' mission to create and maintain outdoor living environments through efficient practices of horticulture, utilizing the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our process starts with you...

  • At Exteriors Unlimited Landscape, we take pride in our ability to keep an open line of communication throughout the complete landscape construction and management services we offer. We have developed a step by step process that allows you peace of mind from first contact through job completion. Within this process, one of our main goals is to educate the client so they are aware of their choices and options regarding their landscape plan and the construction process. At this point, if the client has a plan and would like a bid from that plan, we would be more than happy to accommodate their requests.
  • Exterior Unlimited Landscaping PlansNext, we move on to a Conceptual Drawing. This is a drawing that gives the potential client a general idea of what the final product would look like from a two dimensional view. If requested, an approximate price may also be quoted for the project.
  • With the completion of steps one and two, the Master Plan is conceived. This plan is drawn with all requested hardscape materials, shooting of grades, water drainage paths on and around property are addressed, any shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, and night lighting considered at this time. Throughout this phase, continuous client contact is very important. We will meet with our client numerous times to get the final Master Plan perfect according to their needs; therefore some revisions are included in the drawing price.
  • A Formal Contract containing requested price breakdowns, options, and materials to be installed in the hardscape, as well as plantings, is sent to the client. We are always willing to address any questions and concerns at this step, because we understand that this type of project can be very stressful and overwhelming. Our goal is to make your entire experience with us as stress free and simple as possible through continuous communication.
  • Now that the client has accepted the Formal Contract, an approximate start date is established. We say approximate because the weather is an extensive factor in our ability to complete or start jobs on time. Even though this is an indeterminate and adaptable step in the process, with good communication, we will strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
  • Finally the start date is established and we are ready to begin work on the project. We will call Diggers Hotline 7-10 days before we start. Materials will be ordered and delivered at this time. Seven days prior to actual construction, the job foreman will call the client to introduce himself, ask any last minute questions and address any concerns. He may even set up a meeting with the client if necessary. Our foreman will keep in continuous contact with the client during the construction process from start to finish.